Spurs bid £10m for Krul as Newcastle have £4m offer for Anita knocked back

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Vurnon Anita in action for Ajax

#### Anita - Highly rated by the Newcastle scouting team and likely to arrive

First off, there’s a couple of rumours going around that Tim Krul has been subject to a £10m bid from Harry Redknapp’s Tottenham Hotspurs. If this is the case, then I’m sure the NUFC hierarchy will only laugh off the bid and tell Harry that Timmy’s left hand isn’t for sale. £10m?! For one of the keepers of the season - in a side that finished just off the Champions League spots - ten million wouldn’t cover half the keepers fee. At the very least I’d be looking for £25m for Krul , although he has reiterated his desire to play for Newcastle United in the years to come, and is out in Ukraine with the Dutch international side on hand to grab the #1 jersey, so we really shouldn’t worry.

Even a lot of Newcastle United fans have put a £15m price tag on Krul, which is far too low considering the season he had with us.

There aren’t many keepers better than him in the country at the minute, and he’s up with the best of them in Europe as well.

On top of that, he’s only gone 24 years-old, and hasn’t played his prime days yet so there’s more to come from the Dutchman.

Anyway we needn’t worry about losing him for £10m as there’s more chance of Lionel Messi arriving on Tyneside than Tim leaving for ten big ones.

In other news, our bid for Vurnon Anita has been rejected. A reported fee of £4m was offered to the Dutch giants, but Alan Pardew has been told to double his offer before coming back again.

Anita, who can play defensive mid, or left-back would offer a lot to the squad, and is a very talented player. I personally, happen to be delighted that we are looking to land the 23 year old.

He’s fast, and thanks to amino acids, he is a very strong athlete. He’d be the perfect acquisition for Newcastle United in my opinion, but whether we’ll go to £8m for his services I don’t know, probably not. An offer of about £6.5m should lure him over to Tyneside all going well, and make him our second signing of the summer.

It’ll be interesting to see how things fare out in the market, and oddly enough - Yohan Cabaye says he has an interesting announcement to make to NUFC fans very soon. He had the following two Tweets:

Comment vont mes twittos ?? Je reviens vite vers vous pour proposer quelque chose qui pourra peut être vous intéresser..

Hope you good my twittos ??? Speak to you soon about something

Practically the same meaning when translated, but it’ll be interesting to see what he has to say.

Perhaps Debuchy is close to joining us? 😀

Certainly after his stellar performance yesterday against England, it’d be nice if Alan Pardew would move quickly and try to get things done - even if it was through Yohan 😀

What’s your thoughts? Will Krul stay? Will we sign Anita? Will Debuchy join his best mate at St.James’ Park?

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Also, take a read of my latest article on how NUFC are approaching the most important transfer window in a decade.

Comments welcome 🙂

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James Antony Robbins: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Krul 25 mil, no way is he worth that, 15 at most, keepers just do nit sell for much. If lloris is worth 10 mil Krul is about the same

Gazza: ⏱ 12/06/2012

£25m for a keeper??? You only have one player worth more than £12m and that's Cisse. 1 season sharing your hob nobs with the elite is not an arrival. You punched above your weight and had incredible season but perspective. Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool will not have such inconsistency again. Well, Liverpool might but that still puts you behind city, united, arsenal, spurs and Chelsea. You're best players stay yours all the while none of the above want them.

Smith: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Krul would only leave for a team in CL....Spurs are not big enough to lure him

PORCIESTREET: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Your either a mackem or a yid. the geezer is quality and worth every penny of 25 large in anyones book.

Td: ⏱ 12/06/2012

As a Spurs fan i would love Krul at WHL but agree with you when you say £10m is woefully undervaluing him.I'd be happy for us to pay £18-£20m,but even then i wouldn't be confident of him leaving you just yet (probably play with you another year and then assess his future based on your progress).

Rdmendelsohn: ⏱ 12/06/2012

 I have to agree. The Carroll transfer has completely deluded you Newcastle fans. Why would Holland's second goalkeeper who has had one season in the premier league be worth anymore than £8m

Catcher: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Who has ever paid £25 million for a Keeper, any way does ne matter Levy will not pay £10 million.either.

Td: ⏱ 12/06/2012

With all due respect to Newcastle,Spurs are definitely big enough to lure any of your players if we offered enough for them - you've had one great season and finished a fantastic 5th (after relegation).We've been 4th,5th,4th so quite clearly are an established top 5 side. I'm not saying any of your players would push for moves to Spurs,but should Spurs come in for them they would almost certainly choose to join us....and before you come back with a reference to the size of your crowds blah blah blah,remember Spurs are building a new ground which will be ready in 3 or 4 years time.

Lukedurkin: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Are you actually having a la

N17Yido: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Are you actually having a laugh lol! £25m for Tim Krul. Considering we could get someone better like Vorm of Swansea or Stekelenburg of Roma for £15m why would we pay that stupid amount of money? First of all, he is not good enough for Spurs, secondly he comes from a second-rate club and thirdly we have better options. Carry on playing fifa mate!

Td: ⏱ 12/06/2012

That sounds more likely - although imo Krul a good deal better than Vorm who i wouldn't really want. Really does depend on whether an offer is ever put in that is too big for the owner to reject - and Spurs aren't really in the habit of putting in 'too good to refuse' offers !. Your fantastic 5th place and our failure to grab 3rd has probably scuppered any deal though in all honesty.

Andy: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Fair enough, but with all due respect to Spurs, your own star players are just as vulnerable to clubs that can guarantee champions league year in year out. I've noticed that Spurs and Liverpool fans in particular are over-keen to try and put us in "our place" because your own clubs are higher on the pecking order but still vulnerable to someone else coming up and upsetting the "established order". Fact is some of our players might leave, but why should they go to Spurs when they can go to bigger teams like Man City, Chelsea etc? Spurs simply aren't big enough to come in and take our players.

Alfie: ⏱ 12/06/2012

It doesn't matter what you think he is 'worth'. Newcastle don't need to sell and Krul doesn't want to leave. So clubs either have to offer crazy money or they are wasting their time.  Anyway, if i was a Spurs fan i'd be more concerned with trying to keep Modric, Bale etc... at the moment. The tides could well be turning.

John_emberson: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Krul plus ba plus cisse for gomes bentley jenas bassong defoe and 5 mil

Kebabyuchenko: ⏱ 12/06/2012

He's the second choice for his national team. If Krul is worth £25m, then Stekelenburg must be worth £50m. I don't think so.  Kebabyuchenko xxx

ShabilaToon: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Here Gazz - your best players aint even yours man! wave bye bye to Adybyeor. If someone wants to buy one of our players they need to pay what we want for him (not what hes worth) - unless the player himself wants to go - which Krul doesnt. Ashely turned down £30m then £35m for Carroll - it was only when Carroll handed in a transfer request did we accept. THATS GOOD BUSINESS! And Cabaye isnt worth over £12m isnt he? did you see run run rings around Gerrard and Parker *Englands finest* - pipe down YID.

Andy: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Wrong. 2 seasons actually. Also he's 24 which means he has another 15 years on his career. He played a huge part in our 5th place finish and  you say "Holland's second keeper" as if Holland is some pushover underdog team instead of world cup finalists. Fact is Krul would be the first-choice keeper for any number of nationalities and he's years off his peak. But all of this doesn't really matter. I want Krul to stay at Newcastle, so if you think he's only worth 8 million, then look somewhere else because he's not leaving for that.

ShabillaToon: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Bollocks - 'arry redkanpp comes calling for Ba he'll tell him where to go - or ask for astronomical wages (which he did to Galatasary recently) which you wont be able to afford. "Almost certainly choose to join us"? then why hasnt Krul or Ba yet? 

Canadian Chris: ⏱ 12/06/2012

When does Messi arrive? Krul will leave and have we forgot goalkeepers don't sell for BIG money. $10mil that's a lot of money and Ashley will take it. Next up you're looking for a defensive midfielder because Mr.T is going to Man Utd. Remember Cashley Ashley always takes the money!

Andy: ⏱ 12/06/2012

10 mill is a slap in the face and you know it. Ashley does NOT always take the money: First he rejected a 20 million bid, then a 25 million bid, then 30, and finally accepted £35 mill. If you want Krul you're going to have to get used to figures like that!

Usamat: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Ur full of shit!! 25 mill for tim krul!!! 15 at the very most. Why do newcastle fans think that they r such a massive club?? Next season ur b mid table team. Oh yea it says in the papers messi is joining newcastle!!! Best put his name on ur shirts now hay!!!!

Pla: ⏱ 12/06/2012

25mil my arse.  He aint that good.  Agree with Usamat.

gontoong: ⏱ 12/06/2012

you calling NUFC a second-rated, revised your comment if you made a typing error,this is just a friendly piece of advice

CarosV: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Oh dear, you're missing the point. What you don't seem to understand is that because of some very wise buying and some very long term contracts Newcastle are in a strong position when people (supposedly) some in for our players- to the extent that we can comand a price that would make it daft not to sell. Our owner and team obviously have got to the position where we tie people up for a good few years and then consider selling if we could improve the squad by doing so or are offered a price which would make that all worthwhile. So in reality, an offer of about 25 mil could be accepted (not because that is what we all think Krul is worth (you moron) but because that would justify the rigmarole of selling him). And for the record, Newcastle fans are not deluded, do not expect to be established top 5 now and do not think we are a 'massive' club - it's just idiots like you who maintain that view of what we (don't) think. We have an excellent record in the prem bar one relegation and (without checking) I believe we have appeared in the Champions League more times than Tottenham.

danny: ⏱ 12/06/2012

How you can say he would be coming from a second rate club is beyond me. Newcastle currently and historicly is on a par with Tottenham. The last few seasons have not been so good for us but your own club has had many a spell in the wilderness. Tim Krul is currently pushing Steklenburg hard for the number one shirt in Holland (world cup finalists) and Vorm is being kept outta the squad. You may even find Krul as the number one for the next match. I feel for your club as the team play nice football and the club is run well but your fans are far too big for the boots considering your a team that has never finished higher than 4th in the Prem. I have to hope Harry leaves you lot and the good old days of you languishing in the bottom half of the table returns.

A B: ⏱ 12/06/2012

We're just saying that with out any debt, and a steady ship at the moment, we have no need to sell. He may be worth £15m now, but we don't have any need to sell, we don't have a replacement who comes close IMO, therefore it will take an offer as crazy as AC's 35m was from the bindippers to even get a reply. So £25m it will have to be. So that's what he's worth to us-if he's not worth that to spurs then look elsewhere.

Kebabyuchenko: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Other than Adebayor, exactly which of our best players aren't ours? Bale? Modric? van der Vaart? Walker? Lennon? Kebabyuchenko xxx

saigonyid: ⏱ 12/06/2012

On a par? What about the relegations, in shame of playing away to scarborough and Macclesfield, that dims the light on any success!

Sidekick: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Man u paid £17m for De Gea so Krul worth at least £20m. Nufc wont sell him in the next 5 years. They have 18 year old Jak Alnwick (younger bro of spuds Ben) to come in the future and a really good 14 year old keeper in Freddie Woodman who has already played for the reserve team.  Nufc might sell Krul in 2017 for £25m if either of those two lads are ready to take over. 

Kebabyuchenko: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Well said. How many European trophies have the Barcodes won? How many times have Spurs been relegated from the Premier League? Kebabyuchenko xxx

toon1892: ⏱ 12/06/2012

and whos your keeper ?  if hollands a seconed rate team whats the USA 5th are 6th your all delude yids thinking you can get Krul back to mid table at best when harry does one in a year

Toonsquirel: ⏱ 12/06/2012

5under1and paid 10mill for Gordon who was older, unproven in a decent league, poor injury record just cos of his potential. So 5 years later when prices are higher why would we sell krill for 10 million. There is no doubt a top prem proven young keeper is worth at least 17 mill the extra 8mill is what we'd ask just to sweeten the deal as we know his value is only going up up up, if he carries on at the rate he is he can and will be in the top 5 keepers in Europe! He isn't far off now!! Yous do business the same ie berba!! He wasn't worth over 30 but you didn't need to sell and screwed them over. The same as we will to anyone on long deals, we have no problems getting rid of players for small amounts when they want off or on short deals, Guthrie free, Barton free, Nolan 4mill, Enrique 6. Swings and roundabouts!!

BrizzleSpur: ⏱ 12/06/2012

I'd love Tim Krul at Spurs but I think he's happy where he is. I'd say he's worth more than 10 million but £25 million??!? Thats quite a price tag mate, have a word.

Lualua17: ⏱ 12/06/2012

We have won 1 and you have won 3. How many leagues have Tottenham won?

Doocey: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Yeah I'd say Ashley would take £6.5m for The Dutchman alright.... 

Doocey: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Finally a sensible comment from a Spurs fan.

Doocey: ⏱ 12/06/2012

You must have been living under a big rock the last decade. Keepers are often the most expensive member of a team. Gordon cost £10m.de Gea cost £17m To name but two transfers.And Lloris won't leave for £10m, unless he's in the last year of his contract!

4444lking: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Krul wants the move and added to that what Spurs want Spurs get, its as simple as that. Cabaye is off to Chelsea. TOP DOG

Doocey: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Looks like Spurs might be managerless!

Kebabyuchenko: ⏱ 12/06/2012

!st Division twice, 2nd division twice, FA cup 8 times, League cup 4 times. Oh yeah, one of those league wins was a double season as well. Nice work winning the Intertoto cup, a prestigious trophy indeed. Kebabyuchenko xxx

YiDaRmy!: ⏱ 12/06/2012

HAHAHA Deluded Geordie mugs! 

YiDaRmy!: ⏱ 12/06/2012

The inter-two-bob cup dont count helmet!

kormee: ⏱ 12/06/2012

hey all you yid bastards yous are not as big as your mouths say you tossers tim wont be going to yous silly little icecreams   we a bigger club than you we have more cars in our car park than you have fans in your shity little ground , stop dreaming you tossers and evwn ole sloppy chops harry cant wait to leave yas  thats why he wantd the poison chalice england job to get away from you ass holes hahahahahahahahahaah timkrul my fucking ass lol

kormee: ⏱ 12/06/2012

hahaah second rate club  i forgot yous won the tittle this year hahaha second rate club with the biggest away fan base in england mate  we aint in debt yous are and your team without bale is caca shit poo and yous will never ever do 

kormee: ⏱ 12/06/2012

shabilla they all talk shit mate gareth bale is the only one any one would want from spurs as you say there best players are on loan and we a second rate club scoff scoff hahaha they couldnt even get the olympic ground because they couldnt fill it and west ham can heeheeheehehehehe 

kormee: ⏱ 12/06/2012

lemon aid who the fuck wants hiom give your heed a wobble man modric cant wait to fuck off chealsea bound him soon as he can find your exit door 

Scottie: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Krul has been a top Keeper for the last 4 years!! He. Has been with us since he was 18 I believe and it has been his dream to get us back into europe!! Somethings are worth more than money to players and why would he want to leave for spurs?? Once harry leaves in a few weeks your team will disapear

Gary: ⏱ 12/06/2012

NIce to see a site full of cockney anchors.  Spurs ha ha Bale is leaving Modric is going as is Van de Vaart to big clubs like Barcelona Man United Ac Milan. Your ginger minger Arry the Spiv is leaving the sinking ship chasing Arab gold..  Take the 16 goals Adebaoyor scored for you and you would be outside the top seven you clowns, Chelsea and Arsenal are the big two in London always will be and Arsenal are a feeder club for Man City. Man City and Man United are the top dogs in England but Chelsea will be there or there abouts next season. Spurs you will win nowt yet again..

Crusher: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Hey all you fat inbred Geordies 5-0 you ugly mugs. Did you know Tottenham make more money than you bastards on gate receipts alone! Imagine when we get the 60,000 stadium! Only 3teams have waiting lists for season tickets, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur! You geordies really are dumb.

Sidekick: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Re my earlier comment;   Freddie Woodman is now 15 years old and has just been included as one of two goalkeepers in the  England under 17 squad. Nufc set to have the best goalkeepers in the premier league for the next 20 years. 

Doocey: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Imagine what those gate receipts would've been if you made the Champions League...

Scottie: ⏱ 12/06/2012

And where are you going to get This money from whenn arry the tax dodging crook has spent it then?? You are not getting the olympic site for free are you

Scottie: ⏱ 12/06/2012

I HATE HARRY "I 'm a cockney geezer" REDKNAPP!!! Sod off and develop your own youth policy and stop tapping up ours!!!!! :O

Gary: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Ha ha Crusher run along and burn down your local furniture store you sad mockney.  Crusher did you make that name up all by yourself.  60,000 stadium you can't fill the one you have got you mug.  So you get charged more than us to get in and that is good you thick twat. Get your facts right Man United, Man City and Newcastle have waiting lists.  I work with Liverpool and they certainly don't.  As for 5 0 yes two on loan players scored 4 goals I remember. Still never made the Champions League though ha ha come on you Chelski.  What was the score in the FA Cup Semi Final 5 - 1 you were outclassed.  Anyway must be passed your bed time.  Enjoy Grange Hill tomorrow you horrible southern w8nker.

Anon..anonanon: ⏱ 12/06/2012

 Hahahahaha.... retard. I can assure you that 90%+ of Spurs fans didn't want the Olympic stadium. Especially in it's current form, we couldnt play somewhere with so little soul. Leave that to the other teams across town. So every summer there is constant media links of Modric, Bale, VdV to Europes elite. Adebayor has said he wants to sort out a deal to stay with us. Even our young right back who has played 1 season with us is being linked to Real Madrid. We have a whole reserve team of internationals and our plans for a new stadium have received planning permission... So not really sure what you are talking about there... You've had a great season, but don't get ahead of yourselves. The amount the top teams are investing, it's hard for anyone aiming for a top 6 finish.

Anon...anonanon: ⏱ 12/06/2012

You could argue, they way the league stands now, no one is sure for a CL place finish in the league. Who would have thought Chelsea would finish 6th? Or Liverpool? They have both invested huge amounts in recent years. As have city. M Utd you expect to always be up there, but their squad isn't as dominating as it has been in past, so maybe they could miss out..Spurs missed out, even finishing 4th. Arsenal were lucky this year too.. It could all change next year. Will be interesting, just hope Spurs keep what we have in the squad and add a couple here and there where needed.

kormee: ⏱ 12/06/2012

Omg you talk about planning permission if you were that big you would of had that stadium build now wouldn't you , and you go on about reserves hahaha I laugh at you mate and know what am onabout with krull mate you guys need to realise yous are in the euro with the toon yous won't get krull and harry can't wait to fuck off from yal :p so you mid table matet wait to fuck off from yal :p so you mid table mate Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

BrodDonkin1965: ⏱ 13/06/2012

what a load of crap you spuds fans talk, couple of season in european football you seem to think you another man utd or something, shake ya heads ya wallys.You got a crap little ground,you got a wage bill thats huge,yous cant really buy til yas sell,missed out on champs league so ya 40 million down and yous think you can get any of our players, you really do make me laugh,why would any player want to leave from playing in front of 52 000 week in week out and go to a team whos lucky to 35000 lmao.Even if and il say if you get a new ground yous wont be able to fill it anyway cause your support sucks.Kruls already said he aint ganna leave so stick that in red faces pipe and let him smoke it, by the way i hear he resigned that true or not lmao

Nduke12341: ⏱ 13/06/2012

geordies are so fucking mouthy 5-0 and u still say u shit cunts are a bigger club than us go drown urself u are dreaming loic remy is on hes way to spurs as is vertonghen krul has stated he wants to play for spurs and as for chelsea being a better team than spurs dont make me laugh they have had the ref giving them goals against us and still cant finish above us nufc 8th next season and chelsea 4th spurs 3rd we are keeping vdv bale and luka all still on long term contracts and all 3 have a club 1 year ext added to there contracts so no they wont be going if we dont want them to so grow up COYS!!!!!!!!!!

Hgf: ⏱ 13/06/2012


SpurSlayer: ⏱ 13/06/2012

I don't support either but can't stand spurs fans. Always up themselves and thinking Spurs are better than they are. They're giving it large on here but go on any of their forums and most of them want bagpuss out, the only manager to give Spurs any recent success. What deluded fans. Twitch will leave, Modric wants to and Spurs will not replace with similar quality. No way 4th next year and then it's bye bye bale and hello mid table. Spurs are a laughing stock at the moment and they know it. Levy is even risking ruining a deal on Dutch league player of the year over a couple of warranted mill, as if he'll pay for krul!!!

Joey_miguel: ⏱ 13/06/2012

Do some research before you write so much rubbish. Spurs do not have a huge wage bill and Levy has made us one of the best sides in the League due to controlling the finances. Finally I think you'll find we would fill our new stadium as we have 5 year waiting list for season tickets. I hope Harry stays but I think that Modric will go this season which will be a big blow.

Simon: ⏱ 13/06/2012

And the last trophy Newcastle won was when................  No , honestly, when was it?  Take the goals Cisse scored for you and you would be 10th.  If Modric leaves, we'll strengthen just like you did with the Caroll cash. Spurs fell apart and were an excuse for a team in the last few months.....but they still finished above you. And by the way, we fill 36,000 every game and have 30,000 waiting for season tickets.  Roll on the new stadium, which will be bigger than the Reebok or whatever your sweaty stadium is called. 

Simon: ⏱ 13/06/2012

Krul didn't look too hot when we banged five past him with our weakened team a couple of months ago.

Simon: ⏱ 13/06/2012

The year Spurs qualified for Champ League Bale didn't even play in half of the games.

Biggeral69: ⏱ 13/06/2012

So when did krul say he'd play for you Scum bags? Honestly, what tossers you lot are. Southern softies, ya's make alot of money match days, because ya chairman is ripping ya off with ticket prices and hospitality packages, and your too thick to realise.

JOKER: ⏱ 13/06/2012


Arsene: ⏱ 13/06/2012

Newcastle are a much bigger club than Tottenham. Best regrds Mr. Wenger

Dazran: ⏱ 13/06/2012

Please ady was by no means our best player, he has the same ball control as Peter crouch, can score a goal and create the odd goal but misses more. Krul is defo worth more than £10 mill but nowhere near £25mil, cabaye is a good player and u will be lucky if u can keep him for another year. U guys need to make sure you don't do a hull nxt season, cos if u had to deal with the injuries we had to cope with it is more than plausible.

Fark Ewe-Mofo: ⏱ 14/06/2012

25 mill for a goalie? You entire squad is only worth $50 mill. Get back on your medication you inbred northern coont.