No bids received for Ba but move away from Newcastle United looks imminent

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Demba Ba celebrates after completing his hattrick at St.James' Park

#### Ba - Looks like his agents want a big pay day at the expense of NUFC

There has been a lot of speculation about Demba Ba today, and that he is on his way out of St.James’ Park. Galatasaray are the club that are being strongly linked with the forward and reports from Sky Italia even went as far as confirming a move had been agreed between both parties. SkySports here in the UK however, have official confirmation from Newcastle United FC that no bids have been received for the Senegalese international. That confirmation does not mean an awful lot though, because it seems that - sooner or later - Demba Ba will leave NUFC and play his football elsewhere. It doesn’t come as a surprise mind you.

The rumours of his imminent departure to Turkey came on strong when a major bookmaker announced that they had suspended bets on his next club. However, it seems that most people just threw money on Galatasaray due to the rumours flooding Twitter, you’d think they’d be more interested in Euro 2012, obviously not!

As much as the announcement - that we haven’t actually received any bids for Demba yet - comes as relief to thousands of Newcastle United fans, I really cannot see Ba staying on Tyneside while he is surrounded by greedy agents all vying for a cut of the deal.

Alan Pardew said in a recent interview that money means very little to Demba, and that he’s more interested in being loved by the fans at whatever clubs he plays at.

Ba is/was certainly loved and appreciated at NUFC, but I’m sure it was very much mutual. Remember, we took a gamble by taking him on board, fortunately a gamble that paid off.

If he does leave, it’ll be at least £7.5m which of course is much more than what we paid for him initially. With that said, he is worth a lot more than that and really - why would he want to go to Turkey? Afterall, the Premier League is the best league in the world.

Should Ba leave, it’ll be for the money rather than the football. That - as blunt as it may sound - is the truth of the matter.

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Ex-pat NUFC: ⏱ 14/06/2012

Your confusing Turkey with somewhere else.  Racism has never been a problem in the Turkish game, Neo-Nazi groups for obvious reasons don't exist, there have been hardly any cases of racism against black or any other players.  Not to say there are no problems in Turkish football but racism isn't one.  Why would he come to Turkey? for a number of reasons, Galatasaray are Turkish giants, he'll play Champions League football, have a realistic chance at lifting a league title, be part of a rapidly developing league... 

Soccergeek183: ⏱ 14/06/2012

I really hope Ba stays. We are going to need him next season for sure...

Doocey: ⏱ 14/06/2012

Not sure where I can to that assumption - on second thoughts you're very much correct. Article as been edited accordingly. Thanks for pointing it out.

terry davies: ⏱ 14/06/2012

Well fukin seid demba ba should go if thats where is heart is unfortunately fo us demba played a vital part in stableiseing the team spirit good luck to demba hes a nufc legend and should be respected for what he has acheeved at newcastle Number 19 demba ba never forgoton my friend !!!!!!!!!

Gltsaray: ⏱ 14/06/2012

Yeah yeah mate turkish leage is better than epl galatasaray beat Liverpool at the start of the season galatasaray 3 Liverpool 1 don't say epl is better there not

Manu23: ⏱ 14/06/2012

Flash flas flas news demba ba signed for galatasaray

Manu23: ⏱ 14/06/2012

Look please people I like to say one thing to you guys when galatasaray play champions leage this year think of me when we kick your epl pommy up the ass hole ring

galatasaray: ⏱ 14/06/2012

Premier League is the best league in the world ha ha ha ha It's the camera that you guys use I've been to man u game I been to galatasaray game I think galatasaray Turkish leage Is better its more press games

Toonlord: ⏱ 14/06/2012

Lets be honest, even if Galatasaray beat Liverpool in aone off, The English Prem is miles better quality than Turkish league, thats not me being rude, its just fact!

Btnek: ⏱ 14/06/2012

HAHAHA,,What a load of pap-the only decent players who go there are past it or mercinary-a load of phsyco`s in the crowd doesn`t make a good league-TheTurkish league is about as good as the SPL-2 good teams-1 average team and the rest are pap.

Btnek: ⏱ 14/06/2012

He could go to Celtic and play for a"massive team"in a pap league,see above post,,

Bewick-carl: ⏱ 14/06/2012

 silly silly man turkish football is pap baros and ellmander brilliant stuff

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