Should Newcastle United reconsider signing this striker?

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Before Newcastle United completed the free transfer of Demba Ba, they tried their utmost to lure Kevin Gameiro from FC Lorient. However, PSG showed an interest and ended up signing him. As we all know, the Parisian side were bought over by a rich tycoon and since have done a bit of a ‘Man City’ on their domestic league, and have bought up a lot of quality players. The likes of Pastore came first, and this summer, Napoli’s Ezequiel Lavezzi joined the French side. Since then, Gameiro hasn’t seen a lot of action and wants a move away from Paris with quite a few clubs interested in the 25 year-old.

Newcastle United had a £10m fee agreed for his services, and presented him with a very good contract, however, he opted to stay in France. Despite not featuring very much, he still nabbed 11 goals in 32 appearances which is an impressive feat and clearly has an eye for goal.

We are just wondering whether Kevin might still be on Alan Pardew’s list of potential forwards? He is still a young player and would fit our transfer policy. As well as that, he would be available for a couple of million less than what we were going to pay for him a year previous. Somewhere in the region of £7.5m - £9m would be enough to tempt PSG into selling him, although I don’t think they’d need very much convincing at all!

Valencia were reportedly close to signing him a couple of weeks ago, but there hasn’t been any confirmation or any more developments in that situation (unless I’m missing something).

Gameiro would cost less than de Jong, and although the Dutchman is considerably younger, I’d be more inclined to part with £7m for a 25 year old who has already scored bucket loads of goals in France, then Luuk who hasn’t had much exposure outside of his own country.

If would not surprise me one bit if we made an approach for him, and I’ve a feeling that this time, Gameiro would be extremely interested in a move to St.James’ Park.

What do you folks think? Despite him turning down a move last season, would we take him this time around?

Comments welcome 🙂

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Sammccartneygm: ⏱ 09/07/2012

Hes too similar to Cisse, we need a wing forward or more of a link up man. This is the problem we have with Ba!

Toon Stew: ⏱ 09/07/2012

Id certainly still have him and agree he could prove much better value than De Jong however not sure if maybe the club may go with the "you had the chance to join last summer but turned us down so screw you" kind of approach. We do seem to have quite a tough approach to transfers nowadays.

HPS: ⏱ 09/07/2012

Would like to see both Gamerio and Sahko join NUFC

Guest: ⏱ 09/07/2012

good player but he refused the chance to sign for us last season and personally if his heart isnt in the club i dont want him. rather have someone who will fight for the team week in week out

Markaccus: ⏱ 09/07/2012

Sign him if possible! We need depth to rotate during our euro campaign. I think 3 cf is reasonable, with link men like hatem, marveaux, vukic, maybe one more attacking player.

Winkermagpie: ⏱ 09/07/2012

Spot on Sammy

Alanfigenscchou: ⏱ 09/07/2012

 Need 2 more strikers, if De Jong gets too expensive, sgn Guidetti and Gameiro.

Gavin Mccormack: ⏱ 09/07/2012

no way hes not  wanting to come hes proved that and that record is shit , we dont want you keven for one you not good enough for us now  we have raised the bench mark , and we only welcome players that would love to come ie ...cabaye ..arfa, so i  i say even  big Mike Ashely knows that so hisa hand will stay in his pocket

michael: ⏱ 09/07/2012

similar to cisse? are you mental? the guy is a dwarf and has pace

Doocey: ⏱ 09/07/2012

Only thing if Gameiro arrived, he'd expect to start week in week out, wouldn't he? After all, he's looking to leave PSG for first team football, not stay on an bench I'd assume.With Ba, Cissé, Ben Arfa making our forward three in the Premier League - there's no starting spot for him really.  Would be a fan of Guidetti as he's young but he too, would probably demand a starting role like he did in Holland. Interesting case we have - who do we buy that won't moan at not starting every Sat/Sun?

Jamierobertkerr1997: ⏱ 09/07/2012

He's on the short list for sure. But I don't think that he'll want to leave Champion's League seasonal football to join a Europa League side. I haven't seen him play much, but what I have heard of him is mostly positive comments. We need a back-up/depth striker more than anything.

Cliff ackerley: ⏱ 10/07/2012

he sounds as though he could really do a job for us

Sammccartneygm: ⏱ 11/07/2012

runs off the shoulder and needs a link up man? Cisse's hardly a monster in the air, and he has some pace.  

michael: ⏱ 12/07/2012

come on, i mean i love cisse but he really isnt about pace, his positioning however is immense and his finishing is even better. gameiro is rapid and can afford to play deeper, would be a good way to mix up the attack