The mysterious case of NUFC’s Francisco Jiménez Tejada

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Xisco takes a drink at a Newcastle United training session

#### Xisco - Clearly not in Alan Pardew’s plans for the 201213 Premier League season

There aren’t many cases stranger than Xisco’s career at Newcastle United.

The Spanish forward signed from Deportivo, on Dennis Wise’s recommendation, for a reported fee of £5.75m in the autumn of 2008. Shortly after he signed for NUFC, our manager at the time - Kevin Keegan - resigned after another player had been brought in, without him having much of a say in the matter. Since then, Xisco went on to make an amazing 9 appearances, and score a grand total of 1 goal. Emile Heskey would be proud. The most memorable of Xisco’s appearances came at home to Aston Villa on our return to the Premier League. He assisted Andy Carroll with a lovely through ball to complete his hattrick, and helped repay Villa’s favour after they sent us down a year previous. That one assist will forever live on with in the Geordie folklore.

Since then, and after Hughton’s successful stint in charge of the club - he failed to make any more competitive appearances. He was loaned back to Deportivo for the second season in a row this year, where he trebled his NUFC tally in just 16 games. Before that, he had a season at Racing Santander where he also grabbed a couple of goals. To say he isn’t wanted at Newcastle, is very much an understatement.

But just how bad can Xisco actually be?!

He was signed based on his potential, and surely you’d think he would be good enough to play for a Premier League team at the very least. There has been many rumours surrounding him, with the most believable being the talk that we would have to pay Deportivo even more money if he kept racking up appearances at St.James’ Park. As well that, he’s reported to be on £50,000 a week, which is quite staggering if true.

As you can see from the picture at the top of this article; Xisco returned for pre-season training and can been seen taking a breather while Pardew explains tactics to other first team members. What I can gather from Alan’s body language is that he’s singing the praises of Shola, and his performances against Sunderland. I could be wrong though. 😀

With all the talk of Andy Carroll coming back to Newcastle, you really have to feel that Xisco won’t be on our books much longer. No one seems like they’ll take a gamble on him, even though we’re probably only looking for a million quid to salvage some of our lost wages on him.

I have no doubt that he can score goals in a certain type of system where he’d start regularly - and could well be a decent signing for a newly promoted side such as Reading. They seem to want most of our decent players and already signed Guthrie so maybe Xisco could strike up a good partnership with the midfielder and keep the side in the Premier League? 😀

Either way, poor Francisco Jiménez Tejada doesn’t have a future at Newcastle and despite the fact he collects huge wages each week without doing very much, you have to feel for him. He feels isolated and you don’t seem him congregating with many of the other squad that much. The move wasn’t his fault we have to remember that.

The fact he was being loaned back to his former club after we dished out quite a bit for his signature is very similar to Andy Carroll’s potential situation at Newcastle United - just on a far, far smaller scale finance-wise. Maybe Liverpool would take Xisco and £12m for AC?..

Personally, I would have liked to have seen Xisco feature more for Newcastle, because we never really got to see how good/bad he actually is. He couldn’t have been much worse than Mark Viduka towards the end of that season, could he?

We hope Xisco’s future is resolved soon, and that he can move on with his career & we can move on with our money. Here’s hoping.

Comments welcome as always 🙂

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Pete: ⏱ 18/07/2012

Looking for a million quid for him??? I think the truth is that we would PAY someone a million quid to take him off our hands.  If no-one does, it will cost us another £2.5m in wages before his contract finally expires. From the rumours, we have still been paying about half his wages while he was at Racing & Deportivo, so a million would be cheap at the price!

Doocey: ⏱ 18/07/2012

He's worth £1m at the least!  Would be a good Championship striker at the worst. Someone needs to take a gamble on him, besides us! :D

geoff777: ⏱ 18/07/2012

You're all mad and have no understanding of the situation. He's on 50K a week!!! No one is going to match that if we let him go on a free transfer, never mind asking 1M for him. We'll be lucky to find a club that'll pay part of his wages for the last year of his contract. If you are going to write articles you need to get and understand the facts.

geoff777: ⏱ 18/07/2012

Why oh why does someone need to take a gamble on him? No one will match his wages - 50k a week. He'll run around Benton for a year, take his money and then go back to Spain as a free agent.

Scottyonwheels: ⏱ 18/07/2012

Hi, I'm not an ITK nor do I know Xisco, but i do know some of his family, and his best friend. He comes from a small place called Santa Ponca in Majorca, where I spend at least 6-8 weeks of the summer. He comes from a family with money already, from owning restaraunts and bars, and he has a very nice house out there. I am quite friendly with his best friend, all be it that I only know him as he also owns a big bar out there, which I spend most of my nights in. I often ask him about Xisco, and he reckons he is going to Dubai to pay his football. Don't take this as gospel, I'm only letting you know what he has told his friend.

Doocey: ⏱ 18/07/2012

I'm the guy who said he's on £50,000 a week, did you read that? If/When he leaves, he's not going to be on £50k a week. You seem to think he'll bide his time and run out his contract which he may do, but it's very unlikely. It's likely he'll leave at the earliest opportunity, I certainly would if I was Xisco. The problem is down to the fact no clubs rate him. As for understanding facts - your opinion isn't fact so come down off the high horse.

Doocey: ⏱ 18/07/2012

Interesting stuff Scotty, cheers for sharing. Usually it's the big name, end of the road stars that end up in Dubai, but Xisco! Surprising!

Porciestreet: ⏱ 18/07/2012

Says a lot for the Wise man's judgement. (or his bank ballance, depending on which way you look @ it)

Porciestreet: ⏱ 18/07/2012

Up the west end and secure the services of a hit-man for aboot 50 quid or so. Simples.

Doocey: ⏱ 18/07/2012

Yeah, and Xisco must have a great agent! :D

geoff777: ⏱ 18/07/2012

It's like banging your head against a wall ... no one is going to pay him 50k a week, so he's certainly not going to agree to a transfer for less.

John Graham: ⏱ 18/07/2012

some one needs to take a gamble on him because he hasnt been given a bloody chance in england... he was left in toon  while rest of the squad went off to germany, same happened last year with the USA tour its a pretty strong statement... Carroll doesnt feature in Liverpools plans but he will fly out to USA wen he returns from his euro break. Seriously the guy cant be that bad for god sake we had Kuqi on our bench an he got minutes i would have preferred to give Xisco a shot we are paying his wages anyway try get some value for money ......  next i will guess geolf777 reply ..... NO one will match his wages.... yea we heard you the 1st time 

Doocey: ⏱ 18/07/2012

I never said anyone would pay him £50,000 a week. I think he'll move on for LESS a week, unless he's actually that greedy. Remains to be seen. ⏱ 18/07/2012

So you think the club has been happy to keep paying him 50 grand a week for four years without him anywhere near the first team, and haven't tried to offload him? Surely to god you don't think any reason other than money is the reason he's still here? He's been at the club under 5 managers and not one of them has rated him! He hasn't even been anything other than a fringe player for the clubs he's been loaned to! I'm sure Reading wont be contacting you for a scouting role in the near future, and as for your 1million valuation, the guy will be a free agent at the end of the season, and will struggle to get a permant contract at any club, even without a fee!

Wererw: ⏱ 18/07/2012

No idea why you and other blog writers always say 'we' instead of 'I', speak for yourself... It's getting very bloody annoying. Apart from that very good article.

Jarl Eirik Larsen: ⏱ 19/07/2012

Geoff: There is a possibility that a team take a gamble on him, and then Newcastle pay a part of his wages until the end of his contract. I agree with doocey, he couldn't have been worse than Viduka

Brod Donkin: ⏱ 19/07/2012

Think you will find hes that greedy but i would not let him go back on loan to who we payed the 5 million odd in the 1st place,they either put up some cash or dump him in reserves 1 or other,but if them cheeky gits come back for another loan deal i would tell them to f___ right off in them words

Brod Donkin: ⏱ 19/07/2012

How many championship strikers on 50 k a week lmao