A few things we learned from Newcastle United’s 1-2 defeat at Wigan

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Massadio Haidara reels in pain following a challenge from Wigan's Callum McManaman

When Massadio Haidara darted in from the wing and was tackled by Callum McManaman, you could hear a roar of pain from the Frenchman as soon as they collided. Any football fan watching knew something serious had happened, because as much diving that exists in the modern game, few ‘simulators’ will wince in such pain to gain a free kick. Such a reaction was natural, and that was proven when the new LB was stretchered off with a serious looking injury. From the news we have, early signs are not very good. It seems as if Massadio has ruptured ligaments in his knee, along with a possible thigh strain/tear that will most definitely keep him out for the rest of the season, and perhaps even until December 2013. You have to feel for the young lad who was enjoying the start he made to life on Tyneside arriving only in January as part of a French legion that is helping NUFC find its feet again.

Trips to Wigan Athletic are never easy, in fact we have won only once on our travels to the barren landscape. It was Shola Ameobi two seasons ago who scrambled home the only goal of the game to hand us our first victory there, but since we have lost both our away games including a 0-4 humiliation when we were in hunt of Champions League football last season.

We always seem to make the trip to Wigan when they are about to gear up for a relegation scrap, and yesterday was no different.

However, yesterday’s defeat was more damning on the injuries front than it was on the scoreline. We lost to full-backs, Mathieu Debuchy and Haidara to injuries. One avoidable, the other not quite.

It has been quite a while since I felt so livid at full-time. Not only did Wigan deserve to be down to ten men for the majority of the game, but their winner involved a clear Maradona-like handball in the build up. Mark Halsey missed both of the incidents in typical fashion to cap one of the worst referee performances I have ever witnessed in my time watching football.

What did we learn from the game though?

  1. Sylvain Marveaux has fantastic ability.

We here at TyneTime have always been fans of Marveaux, and you might notice that back in January we wrote about how we couldn’t afford to lose the Frenchman as a part of a potential Rémy deal. Thankfully the move did not materialise and through injuries and what-else, Sylvain has become an integral creative force in our team.

He is of similar mould to Ben Arfa, with a burst of pace, buckets of flair, and a vision that can turn a game on its head - just like we seen against Stoke a week ago, and indeed our last gasp win over Anzhi midweek, both of which Sylvain assisted winners in.

Keep this guy fit and we’ll do OK.

  1. Wigan Athletic are a disgusting football club.

They have battled relegation for the last three seasons and each time managed to avoid it, but chance can not always stay in your favour. This season, every Newcastle United fan hopes Wigan are in the bottom three come the final whistle on the last of the season.

Wigan do not deserve to be in the Premier League in all reality especially with supporters that give a standing ovation to a youngster that committed a career ending challenge on a Newcastle United player.

Never do the club fill their rugby stadium and rarely do they bring any decent amount of supporters with them on the road. In fact, it is hard to see how such a club actually exist in the Premier League. Dare I say even the crew up the road on Wearside represent more of a football club than the Latics.

  1. Newcastle United fans are just phenomenal

When Papiss Cissé lofted a ball into the path of Davide Santon and the full-back finished it off like a classic Italian CF, the away fans bezerk. You could see what the goal meant to the travelling support, I swear there was a higher decibel level when Santon scored than either of Wigan’s two scrappy efforts.

The fans of NUFC are a credit to the club, indeed they are the club. I would love to follow the lads up a down the country (and Europe!), but living in Ireland can prove a bit of a restriction! As far as achievements go, there are few clubs in the country that match the passion of Newcastle United fans.

  1. Dave Whelan is a bitter man

Dave Whelan has come out today claiming McManaman’s challenge was a fair one and that he got the ball. We all Whelan to be a bit of a spoofer, but his comments are beyond ridiculous especially considering his own career was ended by a serious injury. I would suspect there is an underlying tone to his comments though, and it may something to do with the fact Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley actually gained control of Whelan’s company JJB Sports not too long ago.

Not only did he lose his company, but there is quite a good chance that his club will lose their Premier League status. I know I’ll be checking footballscores.com on the last day of the season to see who takes the plunge! An own goal from Callum McManaman on the final to send them down, that would make good Karma wouldn’t it,?..

Comments welcome as always 🙂

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ExPatPieEater: ⏱ 18/03/2013

Am a wigan supporter & was at the game yesterday, from my vantage point in the east stand (directly behind the sh*thouse tackle) it initially looked like a hard challange as we didnt get the side on view until I saw it on MOTD later which of course is damming. we were all waiting for the ref to book him 4 the hand ball. I must admit I did applaud McMan when subed but this was without full knowledge as to the nature of the incident, to which knowing the facts I now regret. I hope Haderia is Ok and will be back playing soon that has to be everyones main concern. Regards comments from the club I am completly embarresed & disgusted. The club should apologise unreservadly whether it was intentional or not and suspend McMan for the rest of the season as an absolute minimum irrespective of what the FA dish out. On a lighter note if there can be 1 at this time NUFC are the best supported team I have ever witnessed at the DW & the sight of the teletubbies dancing along to Im a beliver in the away end before the kick off was priceless.

davo: ⏱ 18/03/2013

I too was at the DW stadium on Sunday last and sat in the East stand. The fact is that Mcmanaman won the ball, but his momentum carried him into the player. It was a terrible accident, not an intentional foul as many armchair observers seek to make out. We should all sympathise with the injured player: not demonise a young player for a unintended act.

giimps: ⏱ 18/03/2013

Im sorry but any player who leaves the ground with both feet , going into a tackle to win a ball above the knee is either a moron or meant to do damage, the fact he has previous while a youth player vs Man City (breaking a players leg after another "accidental" collision) shows me he did exactly what he wanted to do, he got the ball above Haidaras knee and must have known he couldnt or was not in control of himself as he made the tackle. Where did he think his foot would go that high up the leg and why did he not apologize afterwards. The fact he did not even think of seeing if Haidara was ok afterwards is a measure of the person, he will have heard Haidara scream and fall to the ground but carried on playing the ball he "won". He is a thug and needs banning for this challenge even if he didnt mean it, he may think twice before going into a challenge that high with both feet off the ground IMHO

Laticus: ⏱ 18/03/2013

Young Macca did not intend to your player. I do hope he is soon up and playing and good luck to the lad. You did not mention that most of the Latics fans stood up and applauded your injured player off the field. No on wants to see a player carried off. As to your puerile remarks about our club, unlike you Barcodes we have never been relegated from the premier league and unlike you we don't have delusions that we are a big club. Each year you turn up with ideas that you are going to beat us because you are 'The Toon', and each year you get beaten, oh sorry you have your worst game of the season (on an annual basis). As to relegation, come back and apologise when we stay up. Just because we dont fill our stadium does not mean we should not be in the premier league. Bye the way is 'The Toon'in the semi final of this years FA cup. What do you think your going to win this season? I'll tell you, what you've won for te past donkeys years - diddly squat. One poor taclkle does not make a bad club ask Mr Shearer. Once again best wishes for a speedy recovery to your injured player.

giimps: ⏱ 18/03/2013

sorry but how do you know what "young Macca" meant to do, we will see when the FA ban him what they think, and as to your we have never been relegated from the premier league crack, how many times have you played in russia, spain, portugal, etc............exactly, were a club, not the biggest club not the smallest club, and we as you have, earned the right to be in the premier league and Europe (both the Champions league and Europa league) I used to like the Wigan, and Martinez (wasnt too keen on Whelan but there you go) but after more than a few of your fans and Martinez are supporting this tackle and its endangerment,I hope you fail in your attempt to stay in the league, then hopefully we will never have the misfortune to play your thug again

julio laker: ⏱ 18/03/2013

He did not "win" the ball. He may have touched the ball but he did not win it. If it was an accident why didn't he try and get help like any other decent human being would?

julio laker: ⏱ 18/03/2013

Just seen on news he's been banned for 3 games, not enough but it's what he'd get if the ref acted appropriately.

Georgia Peter: ⏱ 18/03/2013

Porciestreet Anything but unintended. your heads up your 4r5e if you think your lad is inocent. A premeditated lunge from off the ground that was reckless in the extreme. They should give the little git a massive ban and maybe he will think twice another time. I would like to bet that if this had happened to your wonder-boy, Wheelan and Martinez would be aperplectic. Hope you get relegated.

Gaz: ⏱ 18/03/2013

It was a bad tackle now get over it you Geordie pricks. You lost to little Wigan again and now you want us relegated because you don't like our chairman and we don't fill our ground ??. Sour grapes

Boston East: ⏱ 18/03/2013

Our lad got to the ball then caught the player. See it any way you like, its not the first time there,s been an over enthusiastic tackle and it wont be the last. The handball for the winner was poetic justice after the same player was sent off for nuts all reasons in the reverse fixture at your ground. Get Pards a dish cloth to wipe that egg off his face after his little war dance in front of our manager, who has always been the complete professional . And, to round off, our chairman was paving the way in the retail sports gear game when your boss was still sucking his mums thripenny bits. A little respect please.

Guest: ⏱ 19/03/2013

Unless you're a good friend of the lad or a relation then you have no idea what he meant or did not mean to do. Most Geordies are realistic, we don't expect to win anything in any given season. We just want the best from the players on the pitch and 5th place in the Premier League last season when you lot just about scraped survival was something the travelling support deserved for their years of unwavering support. You might in the FA Cup, but come back when you're in the Quarter Finals of Europe. Europe, not the FA Cup. Cheers.

julio laker: ⏱ 19/03/2013

I think you'll find that Ashley owns your chairman's these days

Julio laker: ⏱ 19/03/2013

Clearly BBC3 got it wrong

Boston East: ⏱ 19/03/2013

Owns our chairmans what, moron?