Which striker do Newcastle United target this summer?

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Newcastle United targets

Thankfully Newcastle’s win at QPR means fans of the club can already look forward to the summer transfer window with a certain relief, knowing that we’ll be able to go out and buy some proper players to strengthen the squad. Five players were recruited in January, one of which scored the all-important goal to keep us in the division, Yoan Gouffran. However, there is likely to be a couple of departures in the Newcastle team, with Cabaye sought after and tentative enquiries made for a certain Fabricio Coloccini as well. If there is one place that needs strengthening, it’s our forward line. Since Demba Ba departed for Chelsea, Cissé has played up top on his own, even more alienated and disconnect from midfield than before Ba’s January move. The #9 has scored goals and important ones such as last minute winners against Stoke and indeed Fulham, but he needs a partner who can help him out, as well as score a few of his own. Andy Carroll has enjoyed a good season at West Ham contributing a chunk of goals and the London outfit have made no secret that they would like to take him on a permanent basis for something in the region of £14m.

However, there is one other man who is keen to be reunited with the towering forward from Newcastle, and that is Alan Pardew. I think it’s quite clear that over the course of the season, Pardew employed long ball tactics, indeed tactics only a player like Carroll could play his optimum game with. As sad as it sounds, unless something drastic changes, we are likely to see some of these tactics next season as well.

Approaches have been made for Aubameyang of St. Etienne and its believed that we was rather keen on a move to Newcastle in January only to opt to stay until the end of the season. It is unlikely that the Gambian will be at the French club in the summer, and NUFC will almost definitely make a few phone calls.

Rather than get into intricate details about what each player might bring to the club, who do you, as fans want to see leading our forward line next year? Do we opt to bring Carroll back home, or do we instead look to take a talented and agile goal-scoring African to St. James’ to partner Cissé?

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Of course, any comments are appreciated 🙂

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JP...from The Rock: ⏱ 14/05/2013

I would like us to go all out for Aubameyang. Bringing Andy 'Judas' Carroll back will only make us keep playing LONG BALL as you have mentioned. WE NEED PACE and Aubameyang has that in abundance. Pace opens up spaces and scares the hell out of defenders, we've missed that ever since we sold Bellamy.

Georgia Peter: ⏱ 14/05/2013

Porciestreet; My impression is to bring in both PEA and Biglad and have Cisse as third choice striker. We need another collocini type C/H and a midfield general who will command that area and bark at the players when required to do so , someone to be scared of and respected at the same time. This position has been lacking since Garry speed left and boy do we need it.

jdizzle: ⏱ 14/05/2013

Depardew did say we need to bring in two strikers....Andy will probably be brought in because of our pathetic showing at set pieces, however I rather see Wilfried Bony instead as he is pacy and powerful along with Aubameyang

cheekyjuice: ⏱ 14/05/2013

Roberto Martinez for manager. Wilfried Bony over Andy and Aubameyang anyday as bony has the size, pace and a very good goal scoring record. We could do with both bony and aubameyang but it will never happen and for the price of andy carroll.... local or not there is much better on the market around that price.

Hilfiger: ⏱ 14/05/2013

I certainly feel wilfried Bony and Peter Odemwingie should be top contenders for Newcastle attacking options. They both have pace and are goal scoring threats. Odemwingie will be available for a reasonable price in the summer transfer window and NUFC should take the opportunity to bring him in.

John Hoy: ⏱ 14/05/2013

Bony has pace??? You obviously don't watch many of his games mate. He is unbelievably slow

centroidKK: ⏱ 14/05/2013

yes, Peter Odemwingie is also a good supplier of the ball and will be able to assist the team in providing balls for strikers such as Wilfried Bony, Carroll, Aubameyang and Cisse as well.

Kiz: ⏱ 14/05/2013

Carroll, come home,

NUFCGiles: ⏱ 15/05/2013

Andy Carroll all day long he loves the club and will help balance the teams dressing room. he's a local lad and a real handful. there would be no risk element. I think Aubamayang is a great talent hes quick and a great finisher. I do think he will have interest from other clubs so we may struggle to tempt him. One player I believe we should really consider is wigans Kone. he's proved a very good center forward this season. a proven premiere league goalscorer and may be available quite cheap and a low salary.

Anthony Borg: ⏱ 15/05/2013

I know why Pardew said what he said about losing 4 - 0 to Arsenal. Mike Ashley is a Gooner and he has probably made it clear to Pardew that he wants Newcastle to lose on Sunday what ever happens. Mark my words, Newcastle will have an off day Sunday and will be beat on our last home game of the season.

Toon army: ⏱ 15/05/2013

Aubameyang is awesome proper goal scorer and he gets just as many assist as goals, a player that isn't greedy. I could see a great partnership between aubameyang and cisse. Saying that cisse is inconsistent of late and maybe more of a super sub. Would like to see Carroll back, don't know many more if any better in the air, put that ball in the box and 90% of the time it's his. Ideally for me I would like to see a much more attacking team smarter team passing well, with maybe 3 strikers aubameyang Carroll and cisse. As villa play but obviously smarter and much better defensive areas.

Doocey: ⏱ 15/05/2013

An off day compared to our last home games?! I can begin to imagine the damage! :O

leigh: ⏱ 15/05/2013

Carrol has had his chance pardew needs to forget him and look at football players with skill and speed that can also take a ball qnd hold onto it until support arrives if needed. One thing cisse cannot do Why doesnt he take a look at kone i bet he will be a snip and allow other forwards to be signed to strenthen the squad

The leprechaun: ⏱ 21/05/2013

Pierre emerick aubamenyang all day.