Newcastle United willing to drop Rémy Cabella interest

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Rémy Cabella warms-up for Montpellier ahead of a Ligue 1 tie

There are a few reports swirling around that Newcastle United are ready to drop their interest in Montpellier midfielder Rémy Cabella after fruitless negotiations between officials from both clubs. It was understood that Cabella had agreed personal terms with Newcastle and that a compromise has been reached between both sides regarding a fee, however; the midfielder was called up to France’s 2014 World Cup squad in Brazil after Franck Ribery was ruled out of the tournament. His inclusion prompted Montpellier to increase their valuation of Cabella, and that brings us to where we are now - a stand-off between the North East outfit and the ex-Ligue 1 champions. With that, reports from the local media on Tyneside claim that Newcastle are willing to drop their interest and pursue other targets, with Ajax’s Siem de Jong looking like the next port of call.

It all makes for a rather familiar story at Newcastle. The truth is - Cabella should have been sewn up the day the transfer window reopened, but it seems that a difference in valuation (about €3m) has scuppered the chances of this deal being completed any time soon, or indeed at all.

As per the usual story with Newcastle in the transfer window - its their way or the highway so to speak. Too many times have potentially exciting deals fallen through because the club were unwilling to budge a couple of million in their offer. With the influx of TV money, there really are no excuses this window, which will make it an interesting summer.

There has been plenty of talk that officials are very close to sealing a deal for Bafetimbi Gomis, with a figure of £77k per week mentioned - doesn’t sound like the Magpies too much, does it? Personally, I would go for others instead of Gomis, but he is a proven goalscorer, and perhaps can afford to offer those massive wages taking into consideration the absence of a transfer fee.

Rémy Cabella’s transfer is a much more important one though as we lack a midfielder that can play ball and create chances - Colback’s arrival is not the solution to the problem that has persisted since Yohan Cabaye left for the French capital.

To be perfectly honest, I cannot see us landing Cabella now especially after he is set for a World Cup birth. Plenty of clubs will be keeping an eye on him should he managed some game time for Les Bleus and with that, his price will jump by €5-6 million. It doesn’t make for great reading for NUFC fans.

Saying that, I’ll leave you all on a positive note. Newcastle attempted and failed to bring Mathieu Debuchy to St. James’ Park before the 2012 European Championship, and despite being one of the nations best players at the tournament (just behind Cabaye) we still managed to push through a deal in January of the following year. Maybe all hope is not lost..

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shaun mckenna: ⏱ 10/06/2014

Is it just NUFC being tight fisted or smoke and mirrors?

Doocey: ⏱ 10/06/2014

Would have to think - in our experience of NUFC in the transfer market under Mike Ashley - that Newcastle are refusing to budge on their valuation, and should Montpellier shift the goalposts (price) yet again, then the deal is likely to be off. I'm not too confident of Cabella wearing Black and White next season.

killashley: ⏱ 11/06/2014

hard to say whats going on here, that montpel president is a full blown clown from what i an gather and he's clearly nod adverse to clowning around and wasting peoples time. he's looking for top dollar, but who can blame him. still you are right, ashley should have signed him on day1 of transfer re-open, now not getting the deal done appears to have cost us and the fans. another indication to us that ashley likes his cash more than his football clubs loyal fans. someone should run him over. accidents happen all the time dont they.

toonman: ⏱ 11/06/2014

I actually wouldn't be overly angry if we dropped the interest, more or less due to the fact that their owner hates us ever since yanga mbiwa joined and I doubt they have any intention of selling to us and will continue to raise the price to dick us around until another club comes in and pays what he's actually worth. Better to drop out now than put anymore effort into signing someone that won't be allowed to join us.

Vassilis Koukoulis: ⏱ 11/06/2014

The minutes on the pitch at the World Cup will dictate his price, personally I cannot see him playing a lot, as he would have been picked to the original squad if the manager value him above others. As soon as the World Cup is over or France on way home, the Clown of Montpelier will keep his cards to his chest, Ashley is a natural gambler and he will be not the one to flinch first, so it down to time and if Cabella is as it seems favouring a move to Newcastle there will be not much that the Clown can do.