Newcastle United close to completing deal for Mauricio Isla

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Mauricio Isla in action for Chile at the 2014 World Cup

According to Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, Newcastle United have reached an agreement with Juventus over their Chilean full-back, Mauricio Isla. For many of you that watched the 2014 World Cup in-depth, you will have recognised his name, and more than likely, will know him from his endeavours with the Italian champions. The news breaks from a Chilean paper in a report which they claim Newcastle have agreed a $14m fee (£8m) for the 26 year-old and barring something spectacular, he will sign the dotted line on Tyneside in the coming days. The news comes out of nowhere in fairness, and I am not sure how reliable that particular media outlet is, however, we do know that Newcastle were keeping tabs on him, before they eventually completed a deal for Mathieu Debuchy’s replacement, Daryl Janmaat.

The news of his transfer is noted on the front page of El Mercurio which would suggest that it is not only an exclusive, but something which they are confident is going to happen.

Personally, I find it a little hard to believe considering we recruited Janmaat, but perhaps, just maybe, Isla is a long-term replacement for Moussa Sissoko who has often featured on the right hand side for the Magpies.

If we do carry out this signing I think it’s a big one for the club as it marks another deal which is close to the £10m mark - slowly but surely we beginning to spend some of the cash that has been gathering dust for the past three years.

We need a striker and perhaps a centre-back, but a right-sided player? That would suggest a potential departure, but maybe I’m being a bit too cynical. Time will tell.

What do you make of this news emerging from South America?

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Adam Hardy: ⏱ 22/07/2014

to play at centre-back then?

anyobrien: ⏱ 22/07/2014

Don't know much about him?

Charlie: ⏱ 22/07/2014

News that we may be signing Gnabry on loan and even Andros Townsend seems very promising

Doocey: ⏱ 22/07/2014

Gnarby is an interesting one for sure. His loan signing would probably indicate that we're not going for a permanent forward this window though I'd imagine!

anyobrien: ⏱ 22/07/2014

Sounds promising

paulosio .: ⏱ 22/07/2014

Other than Janmaat we don't really have another natural right back. We have Steven Taylor, Mbiwa, Ryan Taylor, Santon and Anita who have all played at right back but I wouldn't want to rely on any of them.

Double Carpet: ⏱ 22/07/2014

If you, the author, find it difficult to believe, why use a headline that suggests otherwise? It's clearly rubbish and so is this site. I won't be back.

Doocey: ⏱ 22/07/2014

Your valuable contribution to this site will be sadly missed....

Tyne Time?: ⏱ 18/09/2014

Well this is awkward considering the transfer window is closed and he currently players for QPR on loan. Pretty sure Double Carpet is on to something when he laughs at the credibility of this story and certainly this 'author'.

Porciestreet: ⏱ 19/09/2014


Porciestreet: ⏱ 19/09/2014

Check out the above date...This was posted on JULY 22nd. Wot's the editor drinking.?

Doocey: ⏱ 23/09/2014

I'm afraid and error in the NewsNow system ended up indexing old articles and promoting them as new - hence why this post appeared. As Porciestreet notes, I published this on July 22nd, and of course since then, Mauricio Isla has since moved to QPR. Apologies for that, and my condolences to Isla for the long season he has ahead of him!