Is Romelu Lukaku to Newcastle United that unrealistic?

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Romelu Lukaku scores for Everton against Newcastle at Goodison Park

I posed a question on Twitter a couple of days ago about what direction Newcastle United can now go in their pursuit of another forward. Their main targets this summer: Loic Rémy and Alexandre Lacazette have all confirmed that their futures lie elsewhere, and Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, who has long been admired by officials at St. James’ Park, does not look any closer to an exit from the Bundesliga despite reports that he could be obtained for as little as £7m this summer. This leads me to another man who Alan Pardew has wanted for quite some time: Romelu Lukaku of Chelsea. The Belgian was subject to an loan-bid from Newcastle last season only for the club to be told that he wasn’t allowed to leave. As we know all know, Lukaku later pushed through a loan-move which saw him end up at Goodison Park and do very well.

The eyes of world football were fixed on Romelu Lukaku at the 2014 World Cup and he had a very frustrating tournament, nabbing just one goal, in extra-time, against a United States out on their feet. Apart from that, he was rather disappointing - but that hardly comes as a shock as there was too much expectation on his own shoulders, and that of his nation, Belgium.

Lukaku’s future has been up in the air ever since he joined Everton on loan, and with the arrival of Diego Costa at Stamford Bridge in a big-money move, there is little chance that Lukaku and the Spaniard will ever strike up a partnership up front. It’s either one or the other and I have a good idea of who Mourinho desires to lead the line.

It’s also worth noting that Didier Drogba is also making his way back to London.

Atletico Madrid were one of the itnerested parties this summer, but their financial picture remains to be quite a bleak one and instead they opted to sign Mario Mandžukic from Bayern Munich for a reporter fee of £17m, although no one quite knows the official figure.

Mandžukic would be more suited to Atletico’s style of play, rather than Lukaku and to be fair - he’s that tad more experienced, particularly when it comes to Champions League football.

Now with Atletico out of the race and Chelsea seemingly wanting rid, it leaves Everton as the primary contenders for his signature. However, their finances are often in question as well, meaning it would come as quite a surprise if Roberto Martinez’s men dished out south of £20m for his services.

Are Newcastle in with a shout?

Alan Pardew has often recalled his great relationship with Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, and the positive words have flown in both directions. This could play a big part in any move _if_ Newcastle are really serious about bringing a marquee forward to St. James’ Park.

Despite exaggerated fees in the window nowadays, £18m is rumoured to be what Chelsea will sell for, plus a decent sell-on clause I would imagine.

At this moment Newcastle have not really dipped into their funds when one takes into account the sales of Mathieu Debuchy and Yohan Cabaye. The money is there to land Lukaku and he does fit the NUFC blueprint perfectly.

Another similar season to that he had at Everton and he could easily demand £25m next summer at the very least.

He is young, athletic, with his best football ahead of him. Behind a midfield of Siem de Jong and even Rémy Cabella - a move to St. James Park could be a perfect career choice for the 21 year-old.

Of course any interest from NUFC will be laughed off by the majority, but deep down — this move could happen if everything is given the clearance from above.

Would Lukaku be interested in joining Newcastle? Well if he’s willing to talk to Everton, then I’m sure we could sit him down at thrash out a potential deal too.

One can always hope, but if Newcastle mean serious business, then they will make a move for the Belgian. Imagine how threatening the Magpies could be with him leading the line aided by an established midfield.

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Belg Fred: ⏱ 25/07/2014

No chance, a Champions league team or Everton will be Lukaku's destination next season.

Pedro: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Don't see why not, we should have the funds and he would certainly command a starting place. Also Pardews recent comments on a Champions League push could be the clincher.

Rob: ⏱ 25/07/2014

"if he’s willing to talk to Everton, then I’m sure we could sit him down at thrash out a potential deal too" doesn't hold any validity simply because at this present time Everton are a much better prospect and operate in a different league to Newcastle meaning a step down for Lukaku. As Belg fred said Everton or a champions league club will be the only choice for him

Saj: ⏱ 25/07/2014

You're not getting him. You're a wee club in the North East. You're getting relegated next season too cos you play boring football. Just being honest.

Sir Lord Chortle: ⏱ 25/07/2014

You'd have more luck trying to punch a horse to sleep. And while we are at it, where's that Mars Bar Pardew?

HAHA: ⏱ 25/07/2014

You are a delusional fool to write this crap

Danny: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Asif you have even just compared Newcastle to Everton! Haha get a grip of your self!

Saj: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Pardew is always talking about Everton too. You're not in our league!

Porciestreet: ⏱ 25/07/2014

And your a knob...!

Jack: ⏱ 25/07/2014


Porciestreet: ⏱ 25/07/2014

New season , new players , new era . Who know whats in the Black and white magic box. See you in Barca..........Whooooooooooooopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...!

Shaker Shakrah: ⏱ 25/07/2014

My point about Lukaku is why would we bring him while we have Rivi ? I'd rather wait until January and go for Danny Ings for all thoses Everton clowns , no one is asking for your pathetic meaningless opinion , Just bunch of idiots , so angry & hateful people because we are making some good signings our club is in the right direction to reach the CL especially after this summer and all those WC players and probably there is more on the way . so all what you need to do THEFRTON fans is knock your head in a wall no one would care .

Saj: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Stop deluding yourself pal. Nobody talks about Newcastle because they not worth talking about. Everton play miles better football while Newcastle can put you to sleep. Wee little club in the North East. Sunderland are the Kings up there.

Saj: ⏱ 25/07/2014

It's the truth buddy.

Saj: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Newcastle to be relegated next season. You heard it here FIRST!!!!

Shaker Shakrah: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Are you being silly on purpose or what ??

foamzy: ⏱ 25/07/2014

And liverpool are the kings over there :D

Shaker Shakrah: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Mate stop talking to these SILLY people and wasting your time with them ,

Saj: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Yeah.. Lol. But seriously, Newcastle are below mid table team.

Joe O'Brien: ⏱ 25/07/2014

What a load of rubbish. Everton are a far superior team with a great manager. Pushing for the champs league. Newcastle will be fighting relegation with about 8 teams

charlatan: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Ha ha ha. Almost as deluded as our red neighbours

Shola: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Newcastle have been miles a better team than Everton for about 2/3 of the premier league era, we used to constantly get in the CL in the 90s and early 2000s whereas you got in once?! 2 years ago we finished 5th, which is where you are now and think you're amazing. That Europa football will fuck you and Spurs up this season and we will pounce on the opportunity :)

Dan ford: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Lukaku wants champions league football, everton don't have that which is why Lukaku hasn't signed yet, however everton have a manager and a squad that Lukaku knows and respects and europa league football to play for, that's why newcastle are 16/1 to sign him and everton 1/5 Another point is with regards to your money assumption, you have Debuschy/cabaye money apparently to spend even though you have bought 5/6 players in and have a chairman, who according to my toon mates doesn't want to spend money as he is only after profit, Everton have a chairmen who although not popular is all about the team and will have money from fellaini, anichebe and jelavic deals The bottom line is if everton don't sign Lukaku it won't be because we can't afford transfer fee, it will be because he wants to play at a higher level which is why everton fans laugh when you ask if newcastle are realistically gonna sign him, as if you re being honest you know full well ashley won't offer the wages Lukaku would want to sign for a team like newcastle

Saj: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Hahaha. Of course you will but there's a better chance of hell freezing over first. You guys are gonna either get relegated or finish 17th. You don't have one stand out player. You haven't signed a player who will improve your team and you haven't shown any signs of winning anything. Whereas we have. In Roberto we trust! Like he says 'we play with arrogance.' Tottenham, Southampton, Stoke, West Ham, crystal palace, Sunderland are all better than you guys plus the top teams. Bring back gazza I'm sure he's better than shola!!

Mike: ⏱ 25/07/2014

I have a lot of respect for Newcastle, but you don't have a good case at the moment, you were recently relegated. And in this season just gone you had one of the worst second halves to a season ever, you were awful. I know you'll get better, I hope you do, but right now comparisons between Everton and Newcastle don't work.

Ste 1878: ⏱ 25/07/2014

The short answer to your title, is yes. Seemingly gone are the Freddie Shepard days and you lot won't spend that much on a player anymore. Shame what's happened up there really, Joe Kinnear, need I say more. Cracking scouting system though, Debuchy, Cabaye and Sissoko, impressive that. To weigh in on this dick measuring contest that seems to be happening. Newcastle and Liverpool are roughly the same size in population I should think, one is a one club city, the other is a two club city, strangely you seem to think that a 52,000 seater stadium makes you big, my apologies but it doesn't, every other way to gage who is the bigger club, Everton have you beat really, not intentionally being antagonistic, but have always had a bit of a chip on my shoulder after Pardew and his different league remark.

Ant Smith: ⏱ 25/07/2014

I think you need to give your head a wobble son! Yeah Newcastle as it stands aren't a stand out team any more but do you think Everton are? Yeah they had a good season but so did we a couple ago, the reality is neither team has the depth in the squad to really challenge at the top especially with the added pressure of European football! Let's be real kid no one talk about Everton as much as you'd like to think/make out they do! And just because you've been slagging us off I'm gonna drop another dose of reality, were the biggest team in our region (north east just in case you're a tad dim) where as you son follow a team that are 4th best in their region, they've never been the best and never will be! Take care Saj lad

Pablo Brown: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Have you? You've signed Colback who's average at best,and a load of no-marks,plus your manager is shite.

Pablo Brown: ⏱ 25/07/2014

So you think just because a manager claims his team are going to push for a CL place means players will believe him and sign on the dotted line? My word you are deluded? It was only a couple of months back Newcastle fans were protesting about the way the club was being run. We all love our clubs,but even Newcastle fans have got to admit that Everton are a more attractive proposition for Lukaku. The only thing in Newcastles favour is the ground and your turn out. I don't believe footballers give two shits about either. If Newcastle's such a great club,why do you keep losing your best players?

Efc1878efc: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Saying your the biggest team in your region is like saying your the most tolerant member of UKIP. It doesn't mean a lot when your main rivals for this prestigious title (best in the region) are sunderland and hull. Come on kid. You'd kill for Martinez as manager instead of that clown Pards. Also you'd kill for players of the quality of baines mccarthy stones barkley and mirallas. Yes you got the 5th place trophy 2 seasons ago but all the other seasons of the past 8 years you've been utter sh1t (unless you count winning the championship which I don't because everton fans haven't known what it is like to play in that league for about 60 years). As for getting Lukaku, you are absolutely deluded.

Martin: ⏱ 25/07/2014

I'm a massive Toon fan but I got to agree with Pablo. Right now Everton are a better proposition. We are always a game away from meltdown. Everton have had a solid decade, with respectable finishes. Since Bobby left we've had one top 6 finish, and one relegation. We are a big English club with a terrific stadium. But we also have a great tendency to shoot ourselves in the foot. And between Pardew and Martinez there is no comparison. Pardew is negative and Martinez is positive. Right now we are a club with great potential, but before we start convincing big players/stars we need to back it up with consistent top 6 finishes over a 3-5 year period.

geordieo: ⏱ 25/07/2014

I hate to say this but I agree with the Everton fans here, they are better ran and have a better manager, I'd say with our two teams at present we'd be better if we had their manager but we don't.....

Blackandwhite9: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Just to let you know ste Liverpool population 466k newcastle 280k , we really aren't a very big place at all, that makes your town 2/3rds bigger .... 50k gates from a population of 280k is not too bad......particularly given our absolute lack of any type of success , you have to go back to the fifties .( domestically at least) .... Which really is ridiculous, regardless of the success or otherwise we keep turning out.......not everyone else can say our eyes that's the measure of our club.

Dan ford: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Yes but I'd be interested to see how many people live within 50 miles of newcastle, Sunderland and Gateshead and maybe Middlesbrough are the only competition for fan base up here, however in the north west you have everton, Liverpool, man city, man United, Stockport, bury, Blackburn, Wigan, accrington, Blackpool, Rochdale, fleetwood town and I'm sure a few more but I can't think of any of the top of my head Certain newcastle fans are massively loyal don't get me wrong, however as someone who lives here and knows countless newcastle 'fans' it is plain wrong for newcastle fans to act like they are the most loyal in the country and this makes them a big club, it's just wrong wrong wrong and it's the main reason why I can't take newcastle fans seriously, plenty of newcastle fans understand this but they don't shout the loudest so the rest of country just laugh. Ironically everton only failed to sell out one away game all last season, newcastle away! I know for a fact that's not the case with newcastle and I thinks a far fairer way to compare support as home support is dependent on so many different factors such as price, obstructed views etc... Away tickets are the same

EFC: ⏱ 25/07/2014


Nufc4life: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Who do you support sunderland you Mackem scum

Nufc4life: ⏱ 25/07/2014

Newcastle have signed a captain of a team who has won a trophy 4 years running and champions league experience. A young striker from Tenerife. A young star who got in the france World Cup team. A promising young striker from Monaco. Why not lukaku??? Fair enough he would have to splash the cash but hes spent about £30 mill this summer he may aswell not stop here

Nufc4life: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Gk- World Cup 3rd place Rb- World Cup 3rd place CB- Too old to play in World Cup CB- could have done better than England's defence Lb- World Cup CDM- World Cup Cdm- World Cup 3rd place Ram- World Cup Cam- World Cup 3rd place Lam- World Cup St- too young to play This team????

Sir Lord Chortle: ⏱ 26/07/2014

How many points do you get for having the biggest crowd? LOL.

Nufc: ⏱ 26/07/2014


Toon 1980: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Haha, gove it a rest. got to say, I find it hilarious that you all insist on arguin over the big club small club debate. With newcastle and Everton the truth is it's difficult to say, there are arguments for both. It all depends on what determines your own idea of a big club (and let's be honest, which side of the fence your on.) Is it current gates, size of stadia, annual turnover, quality of playing staff, past or present, pre or post prem era. Taking into account all of the above listed criteria and looking solely at the prem era NUFC have had a higher average finish, bigger gates, mich higher anual turnover more cup final/semi final appearances, more European football particularly champions league. Everton have had some good teams over the years and were a bigger club once. But since the money came in just after the great Liverpool teams of the 80's and early 90s they struggled to get a foot hold initially. NUFC hit the ground running and became a bigger brand. We had perhaps THE team of the 90's with king Kevs class of 97 that helped to shape the brand that is today's premier league. The big blot on the copybook is our relegation. It's hard to ignore it and the period before relegation was a transition in the way the club operated it was always gonna get worse before it got better. Everton over that same period have been managed well and gradually brought to the boil but Nufc were in the top 10 in Europe for annual turnover and I feel change in the wind. We shall see...... Nufc today is a big club, as is Everton make your own mind up but don't try and change mine. Taking into account the above reasoning NUFC! ALL DAY LONG! This is my opinion and I'm sure you'll have yours. Try to remember though that's all it is so try not to sound like your stating a fact. Haha PEACE!!

Toon 1980: ⏱ 26/07/2014

It doesn't matter about competition for support in the region it's about being the top team in that region. Everton are unlucky enough to have Liverpool City an Manu in the nearby vicinity an they are gonna struggle capturing a new fan base outside of family loyalty. It's a big problem and it stunts their growth and had done for years. nufc havn't got. Explain again why that is a plus for Everton?

DonRoberto: ⏱ 26/07/2014

I think jose is smart, he refused to sell/loan Demba to arsnal, he new they r competitors, he refused to loan us lukaku, cause he saw what was our team missing after demba and dismal run cisse has. He new so dont expect much from chlsea. Not happening am afraid. Ps 4 jose accepting ro give him to everton says alot.

Dan ford: ⏱ 26/07/2014

I'm not sure you understand that my comment was in direct relation to one from blackandwhite9, I never said it was a plus for everton at all. I just mean that comparing purely the sizes of the cities is irrelevant given the catchment areas/regions which is far more relevant a figure to use when talking about attendances I'll be interested to see the average attendances this season at nufc as I know plenty of season tickets holders who have had enough, if the new signings don't pan out, I can see some real unrest at the Ashley and pardew partnership and the gates dropping a fair bit

Dan ford: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Perhaps THE team of the 90s??? It's that kind if comment which is why newcastle fans are seen as deluded You didn't even win a trophy I'm not gonna get into the bigger club debate but the fact you think newcastle would even be considered the team of the 90s is laughable

Andy83: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Like he would sign for the B team in Liverfool

bradley: ⏱ 26/07/2014

I think we could easily compete with everton to sign lukaku! Sign grenier and a centre half and ill be more than happy with this transfer window if we get a bpl senior striker then thats a bonus!! We should be after either benteke lukaku or hernandez!

NUFCmattman: ⏱ 26/07/2014

When was the last time you were even close to competing for those titles then? Before the 1990's that's for sure. We are both teams that are of equal footing in the league. Before you start blabbering on saying you finished above us last year, big whoop, overall since the premiership began we are both in the top 10 with similar points.

NUFCmattman: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Try Liverpool yourself, they challenge for trophies... Just being honest! You will never be as big as us. We are the sleeping giants of the English game, you are at the maximum potential your club will ever get to. One day we will realise our potential and will be back at the top fighting for honours.

Andy83: ⏱ 26/07/2014

O shut up. Another idiot that comes out with the 'NUFC fans are deluded comment'. You clearly being an outsider seem to share the same ignorant views like a lot of other know it all fans from different parts of the country. You call us deluded when really it's more blind faith. Nufc fans turn up week in week out in support of a club and team team that's never won a trophy in over 50 years. Its not being deluded to have ambition. That's what it's all about. As fans wanting your club to show ambition to strive to compete at the top end of the PL table. Why as fans should we settle for less. No club has a divine right too trophies but you have to show ambition to try and compete, otherwise what's the point in supporting a club. NUFC fans are not blind to reality as you seem to think. We know that the chances of signing a player are like Lukaku are slim to none, mainly because we have a chairman who we will not spend the type of money needed to get him. However if Ashley did for once show real ambition and go after Lakaku, don't act like Lakaku wouldn't even entertain the thought of joining us. He wants CL football, which Nufc or Everton can't provide but both teams can offer him the chance to be the number 1 striker at both clubs. Something he wouldn't be at Chelsea by the looks of their recent signings. At this point in his career, playing week in week out should be his only real ambition.

Koomz: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Hahaha Saj your not even the main team in your own city you fool! Your poxy club is just there to provide 6 points to Liverpool.haha

Saj is a muppet: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Hahahaha! Saj you make it to easy! Liverpool are the only team that counts in your city. You lot Champions League hahahaha.

Koomz: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Saj sucks off the homeless to feed his crack addiction! You heard it here FIRST!!!!

Dan ford: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Firstly I live in newcastle and have done for 15 years and I know enough toon fans to know they all don't share the same views which leads me into.... Secondly I never said the comment you have attached to me, putting quote marks doesn't mean I actually said it, I never said newcastle fans were deluded, some are though, as with every club including my own Thirdly I said you wouldn't sign Lukaku mainly cos ashley wouldn't stump up the cash to pay his wages to make up for the lack of European football which you agree with so not really sure what you ve achieved with your rant which basically agrees with me Fourthly nowhere in my comments anywhere have I said Lukaku wouldn't entertain signing fir newcastle, Feel free to call me an idiot, it's the internet after all but at least get the basics right on why you're calling me an idiot

john: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Have been watching Newcastle games in New Zealand and its as plain as day that we need a first class striker a top notch centre half and a class play maker if we don't get them then even with the good players we have got in this window we will struggle to make the top ten the money is there so go out and get the players we need get into the champions league and you get your money back with interest

Fenham mag: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Going on about teams in the vicinity area like Stockport etc we have blyth Spartans ,gateshead,Dunston UTS,whitley bay all if these sides when Newcastle aren't playing still get support from the toon and out of a population of 280k that's not a bad following whereas I can't see Everton fans going to watch your local conference teams. It doesn't matter who is the bigger club he would sign for the team with more ambition and the more passionate fanbase which I believe in my opinion to be NUFC...its not about family loyalty up here its just in your blood to support them...not because your dad,uncle or whatever is a bluenose....occasionally a few slip through the net but other than that we are one of the best supported teams in the prem and the most loyal

Andy83: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Fair one. Apologies for the idiot comment. Uncalled for. You've got valid points there. My main gripe tho was the deluded comment which am I right in saying, you think some fans, not all are deluded. I would like to ask in what way are they deluded. Can I assume that you have spoke to fans to which you think are deluded? Am a NUFC supporter, i have friends who are supporters and have met people who are supporters. I can't remember speaking to anyone and thinking this person is deluded and expects too much. I think am being realistic when I say that Nufc are at best a mid table team who's in badly need of a striker/CB at the mo. After the way we played at the back end of last season, to finish in the top ten would be a bonus and exceed my own expectations for the firth forth coming season. Your right in saying 50 k plus crowds don't make you a big club but since NUFC is the only major supported team in the city of Newcastle with no rival teams to compete against in terms of fans or finically e.g Liverpool/Everton, Manchester Utd/ Man City or the likes of the London based teams. This alone will put more pressure on the club to do well. NUFC fans arnt expecting to win the league or challenge for it or get in the CL spots anytime soon. That will not change unless you get lucky like Man City with the owners they have now. So when other fans make the deluded comments, I fail to see on what facts they base that on.

Doocey: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Thanks for that. Threatening is not spelt as 'theeatening' though, just do you know for the future.

Ant Smith: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Just 'so' you know for the future you put do instead of so..

Doocey: ⏱ 26/07/2014

Good spot!

Ant Smith: ⏱ 26/07/2014

I never once said we could land him?? So you telling me the likes of jaanmat, de Jong, tiote, sissoko, krul, cabella wouldn't be welcome in the Everton squad? Where would you have finished had it not been for the loan signings in delofeu and lukaku? As can be said with us without remy I didn't come into a Newcastle vs Everton row on who's better by however much, I'm a realist and as it stands neither team is a stand out one and neither team has the depth for an added competition! Yeah for newcastles history I agree we've not been up to scratch of recent years but that's not to say Everton haven't been mediocre.. What I'm saying is were not as different as you may like to think..

Dan ford: ⏱ 26/07/2014

I do think some Newcstle fans are deluded, but I think all teams have deluded fans I do think the expectations in the average Newcastle fan has massively changed over the last few years and the same expectation of success just isn't there with most fans I know, I still know and work with newcastle fans who think they have a Devine right to success and are habitually optimistic regardless of results and the competitiveness of the league, but as I said before, I'm sure if I moved to a different city I would encounter similar beliefs so again I don't think currently that newcastle fans in general are deluded, and I'm sure plenty of fans have spoken to me and have thought I was deluded when I said we would do well under Roberto Martinez last summer. I do think given your current chairmen and last seasons ending, it is unrealistic that you will sign Lukaku but being hopeful

Dan ford: ⏱ 26/07/2014

....isn't the same as being deluded.

Mack Edwards: ⏱ 26/07/2014

That's the answer in a nutshell. A decent manager won't come near this shambles at the moment - who would in all honesty???

Efc1878efc: ⏱ 26/07/2014

You have a bigger/nicer stadium and more fans come to watch you. That's kind of it in terms of competing with everton for the foreseeable future. You have a few good players but I what makes everton good is that our squad has been built slowly and we play as a team (with heart and determination). Your players looked like they couldn't be arsed from Feb onwards last season. Also I get the feeling that Pards just tries to gee the players up before the game and tactics don't play a big part in his management style. Nothing against you supporters but he comes across as such an idiot when interviewed post-match. Whereas with Martinez you can see the intelligence and will to win in his eyes. As for lukaku, we'll just have to wait and see. Could be everton, could be Wolfsburg, could stay at chelsea. Or newcastle could nip in behind behind everyone's back because Rom suddenly decides he wants to play hoof ball for the toon!

Dan ford: ⏱ 27/07/2014

Not sure I get what you mean about everton fans not going to see conference teams, what's the relevance to the debate? I'm not gonna get into a debate about passion with fans as every team will think their fans the most passionate I will question your point about ambition tho, purely because your chairman/board isn't that ambitious and at the end of the day that's the only ambition that matters when signing players surely? Ignoring Lukakus connection to efc and European football, and the fact everton finished 5th with a points total that 9 times out of 10 would be enough for champions league, Do you seriously think ashley would stump up the transfer fee and wages to attract Lukaku? Because at the end of the day that's the only thing that's relevant in this debate about whether it's realistic?

Ebepton: ⏱ 30/07/2014

Newcastle fans more passionate? Let's compare away attendances both in overall numbers and as a proportion of home attendances and see who comes out on top, shall we? No? Didn't think so.

Ebepton: ⏱ 30/07/2014

I'm not sure we're of equal footing tbh. You're not what you were in the 90s and have been relegated very recently. Your home attendances are superb, but you have a lesser honours list (you can't really dismiss history in a discussion of the integrity of football clubs) and are much weaker than us in footballing terms at this current time. On that note: WELCOME, Mr Romelu Lukaku. 5 year contract, happy days.