Mike Ashley unwilling to sell Newcastle at ANY price

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Mike Ashley takes in a Newcastle United Premier League encounter

Newcastle United have today released a statement on behalf of Mike Ashley dismissing a recent claim by the Telegraph that the English billionaire is looking to sell the club. In a relatively brief statement released on the club’s official website, the publication informed the public of a banning order imposed upon the _Telegraph_ newspaper, and indeed the author behind the articles, Luke Edwards. Mr. Ashley quite clearly did not take well to the recent releases in the age-old newspaper and has decided that Edwards and all staff at the Telegraph are no longer allowed in the grounds of St. James’ Park. As many Newcastle United fans will know, the club’s hierarchy and decision maker (Ashley) has no hesitation in banning media organizations as the Chronicle found out a while back.

However, whatever about the banning order, there is more pressing concerns with the actual content of the statement, and it makes for dim reading for Toon fans.

Most notably, it reads:

‘The truth is Mike Ashley remains committed to Newcastle United.’

‘For the avoidance of doubt, this means that for the remainder of this season and AT LEAST until the end of next season, Mike Ashley will not, under any circumstances, sell Newcastle United at any price.’

So, according to that, MA will hold the club for another two seasons at the very least, and will not entertain any takeover offers regardless of the money on offer. While we find it pretty hard to believe that Ashley wouldn’t sell for a profit, it does issue a stern statement to potential suitors — the club is not on the market, officially at least.

For those of you who have not read it, here’s a link to the club’s official statement.

With the supporters making the trek to Southampton for the next Premier League encounter, this hardly raises morale for a long coach journey to St. Mary’s..

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Andy Mac: ⏱ 12/09/2014

Surely he cant be that desperate for NUFC's sports goods business ? It's only £3.5m a season !

Multisitio: ⏱ 12/09/2014

Would prefer a local owner, but can't see any round the corner. Wonder if we're better off with the devil we know......At least some of the waste has been trimmed recently, even if we do need a couple of players.

Doocey: ⏱ 12/09/2014

I think it probably comes down to the exposure more than anything. All those televised games from St. James' Park where Sports Direct adverts take up the majority of the stadium = priceless advertising on a regular basis. Inevitably, the club is an advertising vessel for him, which makes me feel ill every time I see one those signs around the stadium. That's my two cents anyway.

Doocey: ⏱ 12/09/2014

Agreed — it's not all bad under MA's ownership, there has been a lot of improvements in different parts of the club, but he's a couple of embers of ambition away from being a quality owner. We do need to strengthen for sure, but it's been a familiar tale since our return to the Premier League in my opinion. Thanks for reading.

Andy Mac: ⏱ 12/09/2014

Twas a poor attempt at sarcasm Doocey. The Fatman has confirmed he's taking all the NUFC sports goods revenue (approximately £3.5m) and channelling it directly in his shitey company - and no one seems that bothered ?????

Doocey: ⏱ 12/09/2014

My bad! It's sickening to say the least, Andy.