Lee Charnley – Wrong man in the wrong position at the wrong time

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Lee Charnley oversees Newcastle United's relegation scalp with West Ham

There is a reason I haven’t written very much about Newcastle United in the past 12 months. Actually, there’s a numbers of reasons. I no longer really enjoy it. I no longer enjoy trying to look at the bright side at Newcastle United as a football club because at this moment in time, it’s pointless. Newcastle United isn’t a football club anymore, indeed it hasn’t been one for a very long time. Dare I say, even the season the club managed to finish 5th in the league - I still didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. At the time of writing, NUFC is just over a month away from the start of the new Premier League season. In reality, we don’t deserve to be in the top flight of English football. Harsh as it may sound, we should be playing Championship football come August based on our performances throughout the 201415 EPL season. If it wasn’t for an even worse off Hull City, we would be. Last season was probably, rather, definitely the worst campaign I’ve ever witnessed. But hey, a new manager - a new dawn, a new era - right?

Mike Ashley’s first ever television interview before our crunch clash with West Ham on the final day of the season came as a shock to many, myself included. I was in New York when I heard of his little cameo. Then the dreaded bullet arrived when he claimed he wouldn’t be selling the club until they’d won a trophy or qualified for the Champions League.

That made sense considering the club had gone on record as saying they did not have an interest in competing in either of the domestic cups. That went alongside Alan Pardew’s comments at the time, expressing his delight at having to deal with the Europa League.

Lee Charnley

Anyway, with that all said and done, I think it’s time we focus on someone at the very central of the way this football club is run, Lee Charnley. A long serving figure at Newcastle United , he has been at the crux of major negotiations within the club. Despite this experience, and since his promotion due to Derek Llambias’ exit, Charnley has wilted, and bottled it, in terms of his duties at the club.

As we approach an important summer in terms of recruitment, it seems yet again, despite the promises and statement of intent, that deals, of real quality at least, will be few and far between. It also seems that as long as Lee Charnley occupies the position he does and without an iota of football knowledge to his name, we’ll be left disappointed, yet again.

I’m sure Charnley is a good guy but he’s not cut out for his role. The talk has been about Mike Ashley and how he needs to open up the purse strings, and while that may ring true in seasons past, it appears to me that he isn’t the obstacle here. Mr. Charnley’s ability to negotiate and decisiveness, or lack of, seems to thwarting any real momentum we should be gaining as a club as July quickly approaches.

Some supporters are overreacting because Andre Ayew joined Swansea without a mumour of competition from us on Tyneside. Others are near tears because it looks like Charlie Austin will slip away to another club too. This is transfer seasons folks, and there’s a lot of mileage left to go.

I’m certainly not overreacting just yet, but in terms of where our squad are at the minute, we should at least have a couple of names in the bag. It’s not just recruitment though. It’s the way this club operates in every market, we took bloody ages to appoint an unemployed Championship manager. Again, a lazy, predictable, unambitious appointment. For the record, I think McClaren is a decent manager and an improvement, but the bottom line: giving SMC the gig is 3,000 miles away from real ambition.

A source within the club had this to say about Charnley:

“He never puts his head above the parapet and he doesn’t get involved in the politics.

“He’s very, very quiet and doesn’t get involved in arguments.

In fact, he doesn’t seem to get involved in anything at all, including transfers..

Slow To The Game

I hope to be proven wrong. I’d love nothing more than to see us bring real quality this summer. Charlie Austin would be a very good signing. But more importantly, we need defenders badly. There’s been talk of Joel Matip being of interest, but the usual rule of thumb applies - don’t believe anything until he’s pictured holding up a Black and White shirt.

I’m sure we’ll see a few signings before the window closes, but I can almost guarantee you that it’ll still be too little. The true magnitude of the overhaul needed on Tyneside is lost on Charnley, and the majority of others on the board. Steve McClaren probably hadn’t realised it fully until a few weeks into taking the job, but he was never going to turn down a gig in the Premier League after being sacked by a team in a league below us, was he?

I wish I could say I’m optimistic about the upcoming season, but in truth, things couldn’t turn out much worse (bar relegation) than they did last season could they? The only way is up, but we need a serious injection of impetus and urgency on the transfer front if we are to attempt claw back lost ground on the likes of Southampton and Swansea - two teams which only been promoted in recent years it’s worth noting.

Prove me wrong Mr. Charnley, prove me wrong..

Comments welcome as always folks.

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Tel Boy Telboy: ⏱ 22/06/2015

Agree totally with all your comments, I have been saying for the last year or so I don't think Charnley has the experience to get quality transfers over the line and should be removed from his position. Unfortunately he is one of Ashley's pals and are stuck with him.

Leazes Ender: ⏱ 22/06/2015

I think Charnley is from the Wirral Merseyside..... he has no love of this club, and he's no more than an accountant

tom: ⏱ 22/06/2015

Look Charney is just a puppet. His strings are pulled by the Porker. He has probably never had an original thought in his life and I think hat is what Ashley requires. I won't believe the club will invest until I see players at the club posing in the shirt. I assume we won't get Charlie Austin coz he wouldn't accept a zero hours contract.

Toon Terrier: ⏱ 22/06/2015

Depressing but realistic assessment. I agree Charnley is out of his depth, a man promoted beyond his capabilities, unsuited to the role and is so grateful to the owner for the job he has been given that he follows his leaders instructions to the letter. This has been Ashleys MO since buying the club with all his appointments.. To be fair to Charnley (its hard I know) he is working within the constraints imposed on him by Ashley which will be set in stone regarding wages and fees. Add to that the lack of drive and ambition then its a disaster. I agree we wll make some signings (and probably sell a couple) but they will be nowhere near enough to lift the club out of the doldrums. The appointment of Captain Bob and McClaren to the Board is a cosmetic exercise in an attempt to appease fans but it wont work judging from what I hear from fellow fans. Does McClaren realise the position he is in and is he, like Pardew, grateful to be in the Premier till something better comes along? He is already starting to sound like his predecessor. Nothing has changed.

Cockneytrev: ⏱ 22/06/2015

How can you say " the true magnitude of the overhaul is lost on charnnley and the majority of others on the board" ? FFS we should have been relegated, we lost eight games in a row, what evidence did they need? Carr has been in football for over 50 years, Moncur the same, your just making excuses for them, every news agency has been going on about our threadbare squad,, we need a minimum of 8 players that includes a back up keeper, most sane people can see that, they are getting paid thousands per week to know this, charnley has been in football long enough, he watches the f******* games as well as us, don't make excuses for his and the rest of the parasites ineptitude and greed,,,,,

Tanaka: ⏱ 22/06/2015

"I want anyone who's reading this to hum the tune to "The Wizard of Oz"""""" Chumley doesn't have a clue "??,He's Spashleys Whipping boy and hasn't had ANY experience in the job he has been given,It's a case of Splashley asking ,"Which idiot can we put into this position who doesn't know what he's doing and will ask me what to do" We need a Scarecrow without a brain ,So that's what happened from " Boot boy to Managing Director " ,Splashley said ," He will be forever in my debt " , He will tell me everything ,even when Sissoko scored that goal against West Ham he turned to me with clenched fist and a gurning grin looking for my approval .."Oh what a smashing Patsy I have his nose has Never looked so Brown ..." " Oh we're off to see the Splashley the wonderful Splashley of St James"..HWTL ,TTB&WA,GATSR..