Newcastle United set for most exciting summer transfer window in years

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Gervinho celebrates scoring for Lille during a Ligue 1 game

Gervinho - Wouldn’t be too surprised if he doesn’t arrive on Tyneside

I’m sure that most the Premier League are aware of the Gervinho scenario by now. Over a week ago he was meant to have signed for Newcastle United, alongside Yohan Cabaye. The funny this is: neither have signed officially yet however, Cabaye is expected to be revealed holding our new 201112 jersey as early as tomorrow. I am also quite sure that most internet friendly NUFC fans will have wandered on to Twitter at some stage, whether it’s been to follow us or indeed keep tabs on the many rumour ‘merchants’ flooding the Newcastle news scene lately. There is one particular guy on Twitter, who keeps insisting that we have signed both of the Lille players and it’s a matter of time before they are revealed. I still find it quite hard to believe that Gervinho is set for Tyneside, considering he is leaving Champions League football behind. Mind you, as we’ve all read yesterday; he has confirmed that he is heading to the Premier League to ply his trade. The main question is however - what club will he be signing for?

I would love to say that it is us, but I am still very dubious. Quite frankly: it wouldn’t surprised me one bit if Tottenham, Liverpool or even Arsenal unveil the African in the coming days. It has happened many a time where fans of this club have been set for a big signing, a coup if you like: only to see Harry Redknapp standing beside him, grinning away.

From a quick think, the following players have all been linked to us, and mentioned as pretty much ‘done deals’:


Yohan Cabaye

Kevin Gameiro

Charles N’Zogbia

Cheik M’Bengue

Boukary Drame

Neil Taylor

Ryad Boudebouz

Realistically speaking, I do believe that Cabaye, Taylor & N’Zogbia could well all sign for NUFC in the next few weeks - it wouldn’t surprise me. We’ve heard from Cabaye himself declaring he is set for a move to St.James’ & indeed a blunder by the site manager at points very much to the fact that he as good as ours.

The other Frenchman N’Zogbia is supposedly desperate for a return to the North-East and if you believe some of the tabloids out there; he is willing to reject Liverpool in order to get back to Newcastle. I for one would love to see him pull on a Black and White shirt again.

As for Taylor - it’s touch and go but with Jose Enrique seemingly set for a move away to Liverpool as we suspected he might way back in the start of February, the Swansea LB could well be lined up as an immediate replacement. Young, and with bags of ability, for a fraction of the cost of the Spaniard - I won’t complain although I would love to have kept Jose all the same.

Many other journalists from the North-East have Tweeted some encouraging stuff, and have suggested that we are in for a positive transfer window at St.james’ - possibly the biggest and most exciting we’ve had in many many years.

Add to that the fact that the great John Carver has come out and told the papers that they want to recruit players that will ‘put bums on seats’ if I remember correctly.

All wishful thinking you might say - but I’ll remain optimistic yet realistic.

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Kevin Nolan, Joey Barton, Alan Smith, Jose Enrique and even Nile Ranger depart Tyneside. With that said - I would be even more surprised if we brought in four players from the above list.

We need new players badly, and if we did happen to manage 3 or 4 of those mentioned with us, then I would be quite happy come August.

What do you guys think?

Comments welcome as always 🙂

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BarryVenison: ⏱ 09/06/2011

I'll believe it when i see it. Wouldn't trust anyone on twitter claiming to be in the know cause if you are your paid to not tell anyone.

Buxton800: ⏱ 09/06/2011

Sadly I fear we are in for a dissapointing summer, heard all the hype from in and around the club many times before. With no european football, an owner who wants to pay minimal wages on short term contracts and a manager whose hardly a massive name in world football I dont see why the average player would choose us over anyother premier league club. I hope im wrong though and keep my figures crossed that come the start of the season we have had more quality players in that we've let go.

Toon4lyf: ⏱ 09/06/2011

I agree wiv the post - wudnt surprise me to c the fat cockney cunt redknapp robbin out targets, again!!!!!!!

Forci: ⏱ 09/06/2011

I believe it was mentioned to sign players who get bums out of seats, referring to their excitement value, just like tht of Ben arfa.

batty: ⏱ 09/06/2011

doocey long time no write ;)

Doocey: ⏱ 09/06/2011

Has been indeed - it's just hard to know what to say! :D

John_g05: ⏱ 09/06/2011

A lot of these in the know people are basing it on the french news papers and to be honest they are usually pretty good with sort of news, they ran the Cabaye story a week before the UK

kanenas: ⏱ 10/06/2011

Ok chaps, look at the facts, not the rumours. Over the past 16 years i've been supporting Newcastle we've been linked to everyone under the sun. With Enrique definately out, Barton most probably and Nolan debateable; arguably, 3 of our most important players last season (top 3 scorers of the season already gone?) barring Tiote and Jonas. Who have we got in? Cabaye so far, Gervinho i doubt to be honest, Neil Taylor and perhaps Zogbia? Point is we're losing proven bedded-in players for cheaper gambles that will take 1-2 years to reach the level and understanding of the game as the current ones. Compare N.Taylor with Enrique who's been one of our top performers for the past 2 years, enough said on that. Apart from Zogbia, who can fill the void on Barton and Nolan come August? Answer is, forget all the big names that apprear everywhere on the net, be realistic. Although we're getting 'bargain' younger players that might prove to be decent acquisitions, pushing further up the table for the next season looks more dim than ever. And no matter what tabloids say about who we're linked with just so they can keep the fans happy and clicking on their websites, and trust me we got 3 more months of this meaning another 10-15 linked players by then minimum, i believe its gonna be a tougher season coming round. I hope im proven wrong...

Gareth laws4 toon: ⏱ 10/06/2011

u wudnt be caling him that if he was at newcastle, he said on the news when he was at slaley hall playing golf that he regrets not beccoming the manager of newcastle enuf said